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Google Rich Snippets

by Dan16. April 2014 08:00

Google Rich Snippets

What They Are and Why You Need Them

Some of you may have heard of Rich Snippets, and those that haven’t should keep reading.

So what are Rich Snippets, and how do they help your site?

Rich Snippets, in easy to understand terms, are the photos, stars, ratings, or videos that show up when you do a Google search. In technical terms, a rich snippet designates specific parts of your website, using a markup format, to better summarize the content of your page.

Parts of a Rich Snippet Rich Snippet Example

So why should you care?

Well, let’s do an experiment. Take a look at the search results below. What result does your eye first jump to? What result would you be more inclined to check out?

Rich Snippets with Video

Check this one out, too:

Rich Snippets with Ratings

If the listings with the video images and the listing with the rating, price, and inventory caught your eye first, you have Rich Snippets to thank.

Not surprisingly, businesses using Rich Snippets typically see an increase in click through rates. Why? Because their listing pops off the page. It grabs the attention of the searcher and makes it easy for them to see which content is most relevant for their search.

So, if Rich Snippets typically increase click-through rates, and increased click-through rates improve page rank, and improved page rank typically means more sales, and you DON’T use Rich Snippets … why are you still reading this? Call Web 2 Market today about your AbleCommerce or Magento site, and we’ll set you up with Rich Snippets immediately.


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PCI Compliance

by Dan26. February 2014 15:28

PCI Compliance

With the high profile attacks on Target, Neiman Marcus and other breaches, we think it's a good time to talk a little about PCI compliance, and why it's important to merchants. Here are some FAQs.

So what is PCI Compliance?

PCI Compliance as defined by the PCI Compliance Security Standard Counsel as “In security terms, it means that your business adheres to the PCI DSS requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures. In operational terms, it means that you are playing your role to make sure your customers' payment card data is being kept safe throughout every transaction, and that they – and you – can have confidence that they're protected against the pain and cost of data breaches.” To view the PCI SSC website click here

Who needs to be compliant?

Anyone who accepts payment cards, online or offline, needs to be compliant.

Who is responsible if cardholder data is stolen from your company?

YOU ARE! And the results could be fines and penalties, termination of right to accept credit cards, lawsuits and the loss of your customer's trust. According to the recent Target Credit Card Data breach has cost Target $61 million. Analyst believe this number will continue to grow. Some even saying up to $1 billion. To view the article click here

Who enforces PCI Compliance?

PCI Compliance requirements are set up by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) but the Payment Card Brands are responsible for enforcing the standards.

So what do you need to do and when?

The time to act is NOW! You should contact your Payment Card Brands in order to find out their process of becoming PCI Compliant or you can start with PCI Compliance Security Standard Counsel’s Getting Started Guide

Contact your host and verify that your hosing environment and facility are PCI Compliant. If not, move your hosting to a PCI Compliant hosting environment.

How can Web 2 Market help me?

All our hosting and coding is PCI Compliant. We believe that security is a non-negotiable. We'd rather not have a client than cut corners and put the client at risk. If you're a Web 2 Market client, you can rest knowing that we're working hard to protect your data and your reputation.

Please see for more information on PCI compliance.


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Press Release Feb. 25 2014

by Dan25. February 2014 12:28
Web 2 MarketShowMeTheParts


Using Web 2 Market’s ShowMeTheParts Integration and the Magento E-Commerce Platform, BBB Industries launched their new E-Catalog, SPEED.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ALSIP, IL, February 25, 2014 – Web 2 Market is proud to announce that the new BBB Industries E-Catalog is live. BBB Industries is using their ShowMeTheParts Catalog and Web 2 Market’s ShowMeTheParts Integration to display their products, product videos, and part documentation online. This rich data provides wholesalers, retailers and end users with the information they need to purchase BBB products.

The E-Catalog allows visitors to search for their part using:

  • Year/Make/Model data
  • VIN search
  • SKU
  • Cross-Reference number

The product’s detail page includes

  • Product name
  • Description
  • Images
  • Application data
  • Technical documents
  • Product videos

BBB E-Catalog

Greg Owens from BBB says” Our confidence in Web2Market’s design, programming and management abilities allows us to relax and focus on other projects, knowing the job will be done right, on time and within budget.”

To learn more about the ShowMeTheParts Integration visit

BBB Industries New E-Catalog can be seen at

ABOUT SHOWMETHEPARTS.COM, a division of Vertical Development, is an online database enabling customers to search and find the right part quickly. The benefits this software provides to businesses and their customers are numerous. The online catalogs keep product details, pricing and technical information up-to-date and easily accessible to customers. It allows customers to fully interact with the product, increasing customer satisfaction, while allowing the business to easily manage data and increase profits.

For more information, contact:
Ronald Garand
Vice President
Phone: 847-609-9540


Based in Alsip, IL, just outside of Chicago, Web 2 Market has been building e-commerce sites for 17 years. Clients range from web-based startups to large multinationals. Our deep bench of development experts and network specialists build rich and powerful e-commerce site and e-catalogs.

For more information, contact: 
Web 2 Market
Dan Voss
Phone: 708-653-3100


Press Release

by Dan17. January 2014 14:05
Web 2 MarketShowMeTheParts and Web 2 Market Partner to Enable Web E-Catalogs and E-Stores

Using ShowMeTheParts data and the Magento E-Commerce Platform, manufacturers, wholesalers and resellers can easily display and sell their products online.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ALSIP, IL, January 22, 2014 – Web 2 Market, a web development firm in the Chicago area announces the general availability of integration between ShowMeTheParts and the Magento E-Commerce solution. Manufacturers, wholesalers and resellers can now easily and quickly open a web storefront or catalog, becoming online merchants. The store can be integrated with data from the ShowMeTheParts database of over 250 manufacturers, 1 million products and one hundred million application data records.

By integrating the ShowMeTheParts data, visitors to the merchant’s site will be able to search for the part using Year/Make/Model data, VIN search, SKU, and/or Cross-Reference number. The search results will include any product in the merchant’s catalog. The product’s detail page includes product name, description, image, application data, technical documents, all populated from the ShowMeTheParts database, automatically. The merchant can control price, name, and other attributes, if desired.

Magento is the world’s most popular e-commerce platform, with over 150,000 active web stores online. The base package includes the Magento package, installation, a standard design, training and configuration. Options for customization include design and the addition of “extensions” that add to base functionality. Excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is baked in! Demo video and additional information available at

"The biggest barrier to selling automotive aftermarket parts is maintaining product and application data” says Brad Kort, President of Web 2 Market. “Our early adopter clients are delighted that the work of adding and updating that data has been taken over by ShowMeTheParts.”

Several early adopters have live sites that can be visited:

"Surpassed our expectations." "What we have been looking for years.”
-Greg O., Marketing Communications Manager -Hai Nguyen, President
Power Pro Warehouse 

ABOUT SHOWMETHEPARTS.COM, a division of Vertical Development, is an online database enabling customers to search and find the right part quickly. The benefits this software provides to businesses and their customers are numerous. The online catalogs keep product details, pricing and technical information up-to-date and easily accessible to customers. It allows customers to fully interact with the product, increasing customer satisfaction, while allowing the business to easily manage data and increase profits.

For more information, contact:
Ronald Garand
Vice President
Phone: 847-609-9540


Based in Alsip, IL, just outside of Chicago, Web 2 Market has been building e-commerce sites for 17 years. Clients range from web-based startups to large multinationals. Our deep bench of development experts and network specialists provide a complete range of managed services, including interface design, custom programming, training, support, and hosting.

For more information, contact:
Web 2 Market
Brad Kort
Phone: 708-653-3100


7 ways to improve your SEO

by Dan6. January 2014 08:45



Up to date and relevant data

Up-to-Date and relevant data

  • Keeping your site up-to-date may seem obvious but many fail to update their site regularly. This can be done by adding a new blog entry, re-working product descriptions, or updating or adding videos to your site, among other things. But remember when adding content to your site, make sure it is relevant. More and more search engines are using the relevance of your content to measure the quality of your site.

Keywords, keywords, keywords!


  • Make sure you are using Keywords whenever you can--in URLs, descriptions, static content, blog, product names, meta data and so on. Don’t go overboard and have a screen full of keywords, however--Google actually looks for this and will blacklist the site. Do your research and see what keywords potential customers are searching and use them where appropriate.

Make your site easily searchable and “crawlable”

Organized Structure

  • Site Map XML
    • This is essentially a hierarchical representation of your website. The site map tells search engines about the pages on your website, their relative importance to each other, and how often those pages are updated. Users can also use them to find content on your website without having to go through subpages.
  • Simple and Easy category structure
    • Having a simple and searchable category structure is easier said than done. When creating your category structure, keep your potential customer in mind. How would they normally search this product? How many clicks will they want to drill down? How many different products will they look at in order to find the one they are looking for? Can they easily find where and how to start searching?

Describe your visual and video media using alt tags

Use ALT Tags

  • When using visuals or video on your site, make sure to add alternate text for each. This way search engines can index your images and videos, and those using text only browsers can see more than just a blank space.

Social Media

Social Media

  • By allowing customer to share, like, or link to your site, you gain the most trusted advertisement: Peer-to-peer.

Quality link backs

Quality Link Backs

  • By having links to your site on other sites with relative data, your page ranking will go up. It shows users and search engines that you are a trusted, noteworthy, and creditable business. Links on social media networks also count here!

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

  • Google offers a great package of tools that let you get the data, tools, and diagnostics for a healthy, Google-friendly site. Some of these tools are:
    • Submit a SiteMap
    • Crawler Stats
    • Crawler Access
    • Crawler Errors
  • Other search engines also offer these tools, such as Yahoo and Bing

For help with these or any other e-Commerce topics please contact us at:

Magento Website:

AbleCommerse Website:

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Pulse of the Online Customer - A Quick Review

by Dan6. December 2013 08:55

Recently UPS released a White Paper titled “UPS Pulse of the Online Customer – A Customer Experience Study” UPS White Page conducted by ComScore. While the study itself goes into great detail, I have pulled out some of the highlights. .

Once again e-Commerce sales continue to significantly out-pace overall retail sales. With e-commerce sales increasing in double digits for 7 out of the last 11 years, providing a competitive and positive online shopping experience for customers is more important than ever. But what are online customers looking for?

ComScore surveyed more than 3,000 US shoppers in Feb 2013 that had make at least 2 online purchases and compared their answers to a similar survey conducted in Feb. 2012 of 3,100 US Shoppers. Here is what they found.


While many shoppers are enjoying their online shopping experience, they are looking for improvement in shipping and delivery date control.

Free Shipping continues to be the number one reason people recommend online retailers.

Reaching out to potential customers is essential to any online retailer’s marketing strategy. One way of reaching out to your potential customer is location based deals. 60% of people surveyed said they like to have deals or promos sent to them by the retailer and Groupon continues to be the most widely used location bases deal service.

Having a Facebook page is a must for most online retailers. The big challenge, however, is getting “likes”. These surveys suggest occasionally offering a special promotion for your Facebook Fans.

Here we have the reasons why those surveyed abandoned their cart. The leading reason is shipping cost increasing the total cost over what was expected.

When it comes to check out, there are thousands of options out there to help your potential customer complete the process. But keep in mind the most important one mentioned in this survey.

Being able to track their package is essential to 50% of the online shoppers surveyed

With online shopping out pacing retail shopping, returning an item is no longer about going back to the store and getting your money back. While no store wants returns, it is a part of retail and could mean the difference between a return customer and an angry ex-customer.

Making the return easy and free for the customer is the leading element of a great return experience.

Online sales are growing and competition for your customers is intensifying daily. Make sure you are offering your current and potential clients a great online experience so they continue to come back to your site.


For help with these or any other e-Commerce topics please contact us at:

Magento Website:

AbleCommerse Website:

Phone: 708.653.3100





Should I upgrade to Magento CE 1.8.0?

by Dan1. November 2013 14:05


Since the stable release of Magneto CE 1.8.0 on September 25, 2013 my team and I have had several clients asking if they should upgrade and what the changes are. We have done our research and done some testing of the new Magento CE 1.8.0 and we are recommending the upgrade due to the changes we view as important for our clients. I have divided these important changes into three sections: Security, Performance, and Functional.


  • A remote code execution vulnerability was fixed.
  • Fixed a session fixation vulnerability in the new user registration process. Attackers can no longer abuse this flaw to take over new user accounts during registration.
  • Security issues with Google Checkout payments have been resolved.
  • Security issues with payments have been resolved.
  • Additional Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection.
  • Magento no longer allow web browsers to store user names or passwords.
  • The cryptographic methods used to store passwords were improved.


  • Elimination of many types of database deadlocks.
  • Optimized cache adapters for single-server systems.
  • Upgraded Redis cache adapters for multi-server systems.
  • Checkout performance improvements.
  • Tax system performance improvements.


  • Shipping:
    • Fixed issues with United Parcel Service (UPS) shipping rates.
    • United States Post Office (USPS) APIs improvements.
    • FedEx shipping method improvements.
  • Taxes:
    • Rounding Error Fixes.
    • Fixed Product Tax (FPT) Fixes.
    • Discount Calculation Fixes.
    • You can load a large number of tax codes (35,000 or so) without impacting performance.
  • Other notable improvements:
    • CE 1.8 is now World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) compliant
    • Magento conforms to the latest version of the PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) guidelines.

For the complete list of changes for Magento CE 1.8.0 you can view the Magento Community Edition (CE) Release Notes. (

To talk more about upgrading you can view our site at and fill out a request form, call us at 708.653.3100 ext 203, or email me at




Web 2 Market and GlobalShopEx Present

by Dan23. September 2013 14:38

Webinar: Increasing Sales by Selling Internationally with Magento


Find out why international markets matter to your business - even if your a small retailer - and how you can reach those markets with a minimum of effort and cost, with quick set up in your site.
In this 45 minute Webinar, you will learn
  • The untapped opportunity in international markets available to US online retailers
  • What you can expect in terms of revenue from going global
  • How, a retailer like you, implemented risk free international shipping
  • How it works: Customer experience and merchant process and tools

This Webinar will take place on October 23, 2013 at 1pm CST.


To sign up CLICK HERE


Importing and Exporting Product in Magento

by Dan19. September 2013 09:26


5 Ways to Engage your Customers

by Dan4. September 2013 13:41


Just a few years ago, attracting customers to your website required having great deals and pricing and getting them to checkout as soon as they arrived on the site. Since then selling online has changed in several ways. While having good pricing and advertising sales and specials is still important, selling online goes much deeper. With what seems like every store online, comparison shopping requiring a quick google search, and true global shopping; attracting and retaining customers has become an art within itself.

The term “customer engagement” has been around for a while, but the way in which a merchant engages and interacts with their customers has evolved by leaps and bounds in the past several years. Social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, and Linkedin have created large, global, and open forums where people share interests, recommend products, articles, and companies, and even complain. These technology advances have put the power of the internet in their hands 24/7. Companies must re-evaluate how they engage their customers.

So why is customer engagement so important? Highly engaged customers bring in about 23% more revenue by purchasing more products, more frequently. They also tend to talk to you. They do this by writing reviews, giving suggestions, and resolving issues privately rather than publicly on blogs, Facebook, or their personal websites.

1. Mobile Site,

So let’s start at the beginning. Today, computers are losing ground quickly to smart phones and tablets. With tablets outselling laptops and soon desktops, having a mobile site is critical. The mobile site should allow users on smart phones and tablets to easily find products, see photos and reviews of products and checkout. For more information on mobile sites, please contact us.

2. Get to know your customers.

Are they young and trendy, requiring the latest in technology? Are they drawn to flashy and well-animated sites? Or are they more traditional and prefer a basic site with less flash? Does your clientele want to search via a filter – such as a year-make-model filter for automotive parts – or do they want to browse through your selection of t-shirts? Do your customers rely on customer reviews in making decisions, or on video descriptions of your products? Knowing your customer and their habits enables you to more effectively market to them and ensure that they find what they are looking for.



3. GREAT Customer service

Have you ever heard someone say, “I could have gotten it cheaper somewhere else, but I always get great customer service here so I didn’t mind paying a little extra”? In fact, 70% of customers are willing to spend more with a company that provides Excellent Customer Service. Excellent Customer Service is one of the best and easiest ways to provide a positive experience for a customer. View your customer service team as brand ambassadors. Make sure they are properly trained and have the resources to quickly and effectively answer questions and resolve issues. This can and will leave a lasting impression on your customers that will keep them coming back. Another way to encourage a positive experience is to make live chat or phone assistance available to your customers.


4. Following Up


Following up with a customer after a sale is key. This can be done by asking for product reviews, having them sign up for a newsletter, or inviting them to a private sale. Following up with customers re-engages them with your brand and products. It also give you an opportunity to get GREAT feedback, such as product reviews. It is estimated that product reviews affect 6 out of 10 purchases for online shoppers.


5. Social Media

Using social media is not as easy as a like or tweet button on your site. A company must communicate its values and brand personality. Posts should not only be sales orientated, but also relevant, personable, and inclusive of topics that interest your customers. Remember, if you don’t try to hold the attention of your customers, they won’t give it to you.

As always contact Web2 Market with any question and all your E-Commerce, AbleCommerce, and Magento needs.




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