Data-Driven Ecommerce Marketing & Development

Know your customers, learn where they come from, understand how they use your store. Then generate more traffic, improve your site continuously,sell more customers and generate more revenue per visitor. But is it easier said than done?

Not if you work with Web 2 Market.

Our expertise in data-driven analytics,digital marketing and ecommerce development help you boost customer acquisition, revenue per visitor and online sales.


Digital Marketing – Here’s how it works:

Data-driven:Our process starts with careful research. We use data from analytics tools like HiConversion, Google Analytics and others to gain understanding. We research your industry and competitors to understand where your website fits and opportunities to gain traffic.

Then, we prepare detailed recommendations about options to sell more. Recommendations might include content marketing, pay-per-click, remarketing, email marketing and more. Further, we integrate and modify your site to support traffic building efforts.

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Development – Here’s how it works:

System Customization:Built on our deep understanding of your business, we build a website designed to maximize revenue per visitor. We study your business, your industry and your competitors. We listen carefully to your goals, needs and ideas. Then we build something great.

Getting your new site up and running is only the start. Our 4 step Adaptive Optimization process continuously identifies areas of improvement, enhances the site and looks for improvement. Your site sells more because we constantly are improving the customer experience.

The 4 steps are:

  • Health Check – We annually generate a detailed report on how your site is performing. We identify friction points and problems causing abandonment. We generate suggestions for improvement, then test the suggestions you approve.
  • Start the Testing – We run a 2 month campaign with up to 4 site improvements. The improvements are based on the health check as well as suggestions from you and our account executives.
  • Progress Report – After 4 weeks of testing, we present a detailed report. Success tests are continued. Failing tests are modified or discontinued.
  • Key metrics by segment to filter the data for a specific audience
  • Final Report and Iterate – The results of the campaign are reviewed. Successful changes are implemented in the site. A new campaign is begun.

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Adaptive Optimization