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Digital Marketing

What’s ‘digital marketing’? More than SEO, a lot more. We’re about using analytics to understand your market and to define and measure results. We study your business then choose from a deep menu of traffic building and conversion improvement options. Maybe the best choice is content marketing, maybe it’s PPC, maybe it’s link building. Whatever the choice, it’s got to deliver measurable results.

Digital Marketing

Adaptive Optimization of eCommerce Buying Experiences

We partner with hiConversion to supply sophisticated AB Testing of site enhancements to determine the effectiveness of specific changes. Results from these tests routinely increase annual by a significant margin.

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Our Services

  1. Content marketing
  2. Conversion optimization
  3. Display advertising, remarketing and retargeting
  4. Email marketing
  1. Landing page optimization
  2. Link building
  3. Pay Per Click optimization
  4. Reputation management & review building
  1. Social media marketing
  2. Video marketing
  3. Web analytics

Where We Start

When working with our Digital Marketing clients, we often begin the process with a Health Check of the client’s website. Along with the Health Check we install some simple Javascript, such as Google Analytics, to gather data about how the site is being used. Combined with Google Analytics, we then make recommendations about how to generate more traffic, and to remove friction points that cut conversion rates.

Search Engine Optimization

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Our Goals

When working with the Digital Marketing experts at Web 2 Market, we aim to fulfill the following goals for each of our clients.

  1. Acquire more traffic and leads through your online properties
  2. Build your brand awareness and online reputation
  3. Communicate with your customers more effectively
  4. Ensure your marketing strategies are driven by customer research and data-driven insights