Ecommerce Websites
for Publishers

Ecommerce Websites for Publishers

Web 2 Market has over 20 years experience building ecommerce websites for publishers. We’ll help you improve your
existing website, or build a better one!

  • Shopify, Magento and AbleCommerce platforms
    • Design themes for publishers
    • Unlimited custom features possible
    • Publishers specific features like Authors’ pages
    • Hosting
    • Support
  • DRM for eBooks and audio
  • Integrations with dozens of Accounting and ERP systems, including ACUMEN
  • Integrations with dozens of fulfillment houses
  • Digital marketing tools included in every website
  • Over 30 publishing clients

Digital Publishing

Securely Sell Digital Books and Subscriptions

Sell ebooks, pdf files & audio files
through your existing store

  • Sell DRM protected publications and subscriptions
  • Broad Platform Support
    • AbleCommerce
    • Magento
    • Shopify
    • Custom Integrations

New Opportunities and increased

  • Higher Margins, Lower Costs – Lower
    costs than physical goods or Amazon
  • New Business Models
    • Retail
    • Memberships
    • Subscriptions
    • Library
  • Easy-to-use – Lower customers
    services costs than Adobe
  • Customizable – We’ll make it work like
    your business works

Built on readium

  • Managed buy EDRLab since 2012
  • Members include:
    • Editis
    • Hachette
    • Madrigall
    • The French State
    • Zondervan

Digital Publishing

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