Enable Instant Payment Notification (IPN) and Website Payments Std

There’s a reason why PayPal is so popular with eCommerce businesses and their customers. Not only is PayPal easy for the consumer, it’s also remarkably easy for any eCommerce business to set up. Maybe that’s why 30% of all eCommerce transactions in the US are processed by PayPal. Follow the steps below to set up IPN in PayPal.
This step is required for all versions of PayPal.
Before you begin, make sure that you have the login information to your PayPal business account.

1. From the Payment Gateways page, click the ADD GATEWAY button.

2. From the Add Gateway page, click the PAYPAL button.

3. You will now be on the Add Gateway configuration page for PayPal.

4. In the field named PayPal Account, enter your PayPal (business) email address. This needs to match the same email that you have setup as your Primary email address within Paypal.

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the section called Payment Methods.

6. Check the box next to the PayPal payment method.

7. At the bottom of the page, click the SAVE button.

8. Keep the AbleCommerce PayPal configuration page up so you can copy the URL for the next step.

Enable IPN within your PayPal account

This step is required for all versions of PayPal.

1. Go to PayPal’s website and login to your PayPal business account.

2. After logging in, you should be on the My Account page.

3. From the top navigation bar, click on the Profile link.

4. From the Profile page, find the section called Selling Preferences, and click on the “Instant Payment Notification Preferences” link.

Select Instant Payment Notification in Selling Preferences

5. On the next page, check the box to activate Instant Payment Notification.

6. Now, go back to the AbleCommerce PayPal configuration page and copy the URL displayed below Instant

e.g. https://www.mystore.com/ProcessPayPal.ashx (for live transactions the URL must be in SSL form)

7. Return to the PayPal IPN page and paste this URL into the field provided for Notification URL.

8. Click the SAVE button when finished.

9. From the profile tab, under the Selling Preferences column, choose Language Encoding.

10. From the Language Encoding page, click the More Options button.

11. From the More Encoding Options page, select “UTF-8”. The second option should indicate “Yes” to use the same encoding selected above.

12. Save your changes

NOTE: This completes the configuration for PayPal’s Website Payments Standard version.
STOP HERE unless you are going to implement Website Payment Pro and/or PayPal Express.
Enable PayPal Express Checkout or Website Payment Pro
Before you begin, make sure you have an API username, password, and signature issued by PayPal.
If you do not have this, please follow the steps in the next section “Obtain your API Credentials”

1. Return to the PayPal gateway configuration page in AbleCommerce.

2. In the section called “Express Checkout and Direct Payment”, you will need to enter 3 pieces of API data. This is not the same information used for your PayPal business account.

3. Enter your API Username into the field provided.

4. Enter your API Password into the field provided.

5. Enter your API Signature into the field provided.

6. Choose the type of Authorization Mode.

Authorize: to request authorization without capturing funds at the time of purchase. You can capture authorized transactions through the order admin interface.
Sale: to capture funds immediately at the time of purchase. You should not use this feature unless you are able to ship goods the same day of the sale.

7. Debug Mode is an optional feature and should only be enabled at the direction of AbleCommerce support.

8. For development and testing use, you can check the Use Sandbox option. See the last section below for information on testing in Sandbox mode.

9. If you would like PayPal to offer your customers credit terms for purchases over $99, then check the box to Enable PayPal Credit at checkout.

10. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the section called Payment Methods.

11. If you are going to use Paypal’s Website Payment Pro, then you will need to associate payment methods to the gateway by checking the box next to all credit card payment methods that will use this PayPal gateway integration. If you will be using Website Payments Standard, then make sure you have PayPal as a selected payment method.

12. Click the SAVE button when finished

Obtain your API Credentials
If your PayPal account does not have API credentials setup, you will need to complete the steps below. These steps are intended to help you request API credentials using the business account interface. PayPal requires that you complete an API approval process prior to obtaining your credentials.

1. Go to PayPal’s website and login to your PayPal business account.

2. After logging in, you should be on the My Account page.

3. From the top navigation bar, click on Profile link.

4. From the Profile page, find the section called Account Information, and click on the “Request API credentials” link.

5. From the Request API Credentials page, click the link “Set up PayPal API credentials and permissions” from the Option 1 – PayPal API box

6. From the next page, select Request (or View) API signature from the Option 2 box as shown below.

7. The next page will display your API Signature credentials, which include API username, password, and signature. SAVE THIS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.

8. When finished, click the Done button. You will need to enter this information into the PayPal configuration page in AbleCommerce.

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