“Without Web 2 Market, our online presence would not be as successful as it now is”


At Jet Ski Plus, we recognize the riding season is very short and having your site broken down for a couple of days can reduce a limited season even more.

Maintaining your Jet Ski isn’t always easy, with many Jet Ski parts difficult to find or unavailable because they’ve been discontinued. We understand, you need the right part at that best price and you need it fast.
Since 2006, Jet Ski Plus has helped its customers locate the parts they need to service their Jet Skis. And Web 2 Market has recognizes our unique challenges

“What’s most important in that process (is that) your back end systems give you the
flexibility to use all the competitive advantage levers that you can think of. That system
has to work for you, you can’t work for the system. It’s why Magento through Web 2 Market
work perfectly for us.”— Steve Carey, Marketing Director, Jet Ski Plus