Join the Mobile Optimization Initiative

The Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative is an ongoing study involving AbleCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento and Shopify, 40 leading system integrators and over 200 merchants.

What’s in it for

3 months of free, no strings attached A/B testing of improvements to your site’s mobile interface. On average, participating merchants have seen sales grow by 7% during testing.

A detailed analysis and report about how customers are using your site. The report uses actual traffic data from your site and HiConversion’s ecommerce focused analytics.

Regular updates about what we’re learning about mobile conversions. Get leading edge research and testing data from an initiative that involves hundreds of merchants.

Example Experiments

Optimization of the checkout funnel is a highly complex and technical task that

Requires the use of advanced data analytics and smart optimization algorithms.


Once they reach the cart page, potential buyers should be exposed to options that direct them toward checkout and distractions should be reduced.


Mobile users have limited reach on their mobile devices – increase the odds of converting by adding a sticky checkout button where any user can easily access it without scrolling.


Elimi nate unnecessary steps between shopping and checkout by allowing visitors to go to checkout from any page in their journey.