Gift with Purchase Plugin #1 for AbleCommerce 9

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Give your customers a free or specially priced product with purchase of selected products.

A new selling tool! When your customer adds a qualifying product to the basket, this plugin will add the promotional "Gift with Purchase" product to the basket. The product added can be free, or specially priced product. You can also set the minimum dollar value of qualifying product(s) that must be purchased before the customer can get the "free" product. In addition, you can set the maximum number of "free" products a customer receives.

For example, if you want a customer to have to spend $100 on qualifying products in order to get the "free" product, you set the minimum value to $100. If you want them to receive an additional free product for every $100 they spend, you don't have to configure anything else except select the qualifying products. For example, if they spend $500, they will get 5 "free" products. If you want to set a maximum on the quantity of free products they can receive, you set the product max quantity field to that number on the normal edit product page. For example, if they purchase $500 of qualifying products, but you want them to receive at the most 2 "free" products, you set the max quantity to 2.

Licensing: One license per store. Details here.

Admin Instructions:

  1. Make a copy of the product you will be giving away (or has a special price) and set that product price to 0. Set the visibility to hidden. That way your customers can still purchase the original product at its normal price. If you don't want the customer to be able to do that, then you can change the price on the original product and visibility to hidden and you configure that product as your "free" product.
  2. On the edit product page for the "free" product, click the Quantity Purchase Promo button on the left navigation.
  3. On the resulting page, set the minimum purchase amount that the customer must purchase to get the "free" product. If you are not going to require a minimum purchase, then don't fill in that field.
  4. In the section under that, search for the qualifying products and click the green button for those you want to add or click the red button to remove products from the selection. This works the same way as you would configure Similar Products or Product Accessories.
  5. When the customer has enough of the qualifying products in the basket based on your configuration, one or more of the "free" products will be automatically added. When their qualifying products drop below your threshold in the configuration, the "free" products will automatically be removed from the basket. In every place that the customer can edit the contents of the basket, they will not be able to add more of the "free" products than what is configured.
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