Google Shopping Feed for AbleCommerce 9

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Some of our clients needed more flexibility in feeding data to Google Shopping. Specifically, they wanted to be able select which fields fed the MPN field, the GTIN field, the Brand field, etc. So we created this plugin. Easy-to-install, easy-touse!

This plugin replaces the Google Product feed built into AbleCommerce. It provides full support for the new requirements (as of March 2, 2015, automation and more flexibility than what was built into AbleCommerce. Features include:

  • Selectable Description field - Choose Standard Description, Summary or the combination of Name & Manufacturer
  • Selectable Brand field - Choose None, Manufacturer, Vendor or Store Name if the product doesn't have a manufacturer
  • Selectable MPN field - Choose Manufacturer Part Number or SKU
  • Selectable Product Type field - Choose None, Summary, the bread crumb trail or manually enter your own
  • Selectable UPC field - Choose None, SKU, MPN, use a product template field you create called UPC
  • Selectable ISBN field - Choose None, SKU, MPN, use a product template field you create called ISBN
  • Selectable GTIN field - Choose None, SKU, MPN, use a product template field you create called GTIN or ISBN or UPC
  • Default Google Product Category - Enter a default value for products not having their own
  • In Stock - Choose availability based on product disable purchase, product inventory or product inventory and allow backorder
  • Google Product Category for Each Product - Enter the category on a product-by-product basis, if needed
  • Support for variants only in Apparel & Accessories
  • If a product has variants and the sku, price and weight are set in the variants, it picks up those from the first variant
  • Support for multiple custom labels
  • Height, width and length for dimensional shipping
  • Ability to add an affiliate tracking code to the feed links, for example AbleCommerce's afid=1
  • Automatic feed generation - Schedule your feed to run daily or even multiple times daily
  • Specify the file name to be created
  • Supports FTP uploads to Google (although we don't recommend it)
  • Manual file creation at the click of a button
  • Uses the Product Feed Exclusion checkbox in the product admin, but this can be optionally ignored
  • Google Adwords Integration Support
  • Includes one year of free updates

Learn more about implementing Google Shopping with a Product Feed.

Licensing: One license per store. Details here.

Estimated install time:1-2 hours.

Documentation Provided: Yes.

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