UPS Surepost With Dimensional Shipping for Magento 2

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UPS Surepost With Dimensional Shipping

SurePost from UPS offers savings by handing off the delivery to USPS. Dimensional shipping gives accurate, live shipping rates based on “dimensional shipping weight."

UPS SurePost is an economy, residential, ground service. This service combines the consistency and reliability of the UPS Ground network with final delivery typically provided by the U.S. Postal Service. 

Looking for a way to reduce shipping costs or offer your customers shipping savings? SurePost from UPS offers savings handing off the delivery to USPS.  Surepost shipping is lower cost than UPS and allows Saturday deliveries at no extra charge. In addition it ships to all addresses to include PO boxes and AP)/FPO addresses. 

Once installed, SurePost rates are returned with other shipping rates.

Dimensional Shipping  is a smart solution for FedEx, UPS, and USPS users. It allows you to define the dimensions of your products, the dimensions of your boxes, and the rules for how you pack different combinations of the product together.  Dimensional Shipping  supports a best-fit algorithm where you can specify product dimensions and select boxes each product fits then let Dimensional Shipping calculate the best way to pack.  It supports uploading dimensions and box options using standard product import.

When a customer in the checks out section, Dimensional Shipping configures how the products will be packed based on your rules and then calculates the dimensional weight value of the package(s), as well as the actual weight.  By sending both values to the carrier you give them a better idea of the dimensions and weight of your shipment.  In return, you receive accurate rates for your shipments.


Account and Pricing:

Note that you MUST have an agreement with UPS to ship using SurePost prior to installation. Sign up here.

Additional fees may apply. No residential surcharge: UPS Ground shipments delivered to a residence are subject to a $2.80 surcharge. However, a fuel surcharges (8.5% for UPS) still applies with SurePost.



  • Cost effectiveness: Usually a lower cost than normal UPS service.
  • Saturday delivery: Packages are delivered on Saturdays at no extra cost.
  • Ship to all addresses: USPS will deliver to PO boxes and APO/FPO addresses.
  • Tracking: Your customers can track the package as you normally would track a typical UPS shipment.
  • Smart product packing – works out how products will be grouped and calculates the dimensional weight
  • Compatible with FedEx, UPS and USPS live rates
  • Define dimensions for each of your products
  • Specify the dimensions of each of your boxes
  • Supports multiple boxes for the same product
  • Supports international pricing
  • Support for an additional packaging weight
  • Supports all product types including Configurable and Bundle with the ability to set dimensions at either child or parent level

All extensions include a 30 day money back guarantee.